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About a year after iphone3 was released, and a year before Instagram was a thing, Marie Basarich started creating (freelance) design projects for clients, as the name mb graffics. The year was 2009, and Twitter had just gone mainstream.


From the first hired web redesign project, Marie gained clients through absolutely no advertising or marketing, but instead through good old word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers. At mb graffics, it’s our mission to produce a final project you are proud of, that you want to talk about and show off to your friends, family and colleagues.


Our prices are based on time and skill predicted to complete your project, so please contact us for a quote consultation.


We appreciate the community efforts of non-profit agencies, and so we offer a 15% discount for 501(c)3 agencies. (Documentation proof must be submitted to us for this discount.)


In today’s digital age, we are able to take on projects remotely. With that being said, we only work with clients within the continental U.S., through U.S. currency.



Time for a web update or completely new site? We can do that for you. WordPress, Joomla!, Shopify, to name a few… The final product can be a customized theme for you, with a set of instructional documents to update the site on your own.


From hand-drawings to digital computer tools, we can custom-create amazing illustrations. We can even combine hand-drawn with mouse-drawn layouts.


Have some photos that would be better with a little touch up here and there? A little airbrush, a little color, a little less color? Want to fake an image altogether??? We can do that!


We use the communication design approach, which connects your brand message with the target audience understanding. We approach marketing and advertising with a problem-solving perspective.


The basis of marketing your brand, is the general public opinion of your identity or logo. We are patient with you as we work together to uncover your identity through an iconic design.


Your event is extremely important, and so is the visual messaging. We make a list and then we check it twice. Leave the planning and execution to us and your event message will be just one of the fond memories of the evening.


    • Beauty Product Line
    • Mina Organics (United Hair Care)
    • Print Marketing

    • Boys & Girls Clubs Support Advertisement
    • Fresh Films / B&G Clubs of America
    • Print Marketing

    • Business Identity
    • Heart Felt by Aviva
    • Brand Identity

    • Business Pitch Logo
    • Restix.com
    • Brand Identity

    • Crew T-shirts
    • Dominion Management Group
    • Print Marketing

    • Destination Poster & T-shirt
    • Restix.com
    • Print Marketing

    • Education Poster
    • Fresh Films / STEM Careers
    • Print Marketing

    • Event T-shirt
    • East TN Children's Hospital
    • Print Marketing

    • Invite Animation
    • J. Marie Events
    • Web Design

    • Keracolor Website
    • United Hair Care
    • Web Design

    • Neighborhood Rendering Signage
    • TN Valley Coalition for the Homeless
    • Specialized Pieces

    • New Business Identity
    • Jensen Recycling
    • Brand Identity

    • Personal Medical Site
    • Jeremy J. Frederick M.D.
    • Web Design

    • Product Identity
    • Rocky Top Popcorn Co.
    • Brand Identity

    • Promo Illustration
    • Steve Kaplan Inc.
    • Specialized Pieces

    • Rendering for Housing Proposal
    • Oak Ridge Housing Authority
    • Specialized Pieces

    • Response Cards
    • Covenant Life
    • 08/30/2016
    • Print Marketing

    • Ribbon Illustration for Greeting Cards
    • Restix.com
    • Specialized Pieces

    • Small Business Identity
    • Rave Electric
    • Brand Identity

    • Social Media Quotes
    • All American High School Film Festival
    • Specialized Pieces

    • Staff Cards
    • Covenant Life
    • 08/30/2016
    • Brand Identity

    • Street Plan for Housing Proposal
    • Oak Ridge Housing Authority
    • Specialized Pieces

    • Website Layout Design & Build
    • United Hair Care Inc.
    • Web Design


Aldrich Guest House
All American High School Film Festival
Brand Essentials
City of Oak Ridge
Community Housing Partnership
Covenant Life
Dominguez Inc.
Dominion Management Group
Dreaming Tree Films
Dreaming Tree Foundation
East TN Children's Hospital
Fresh Films
Great Point Services
HeartFelt by Aviva
irban group
NY Migraine
Oak Ridge Housing Authority
One Life Church
Stage 18 Chicago
Steve Kaplan Inc.
TN Valley Coalition for the Homeless
United Hair Care
World Armwrestling League

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